Used Equipment

Used equipment in our stock


High performance machine for turning of round logs, poles and fence piles.

Features of the equipment:

  • The lathe is designed to handle barked, unbarked, fresh, frozen, or dry roundwood. Siberian Larch, timber from controlled burn sites, and deadwood can also be turned.
  • Pulp chip production from barked and fresh timber.
  • Cutting length 3-30 metres; cutting diameter 10, 15, 20, 23, 25, 28, and 30 cm. Max. butt end 45 cm.
  • The biggest advantage of our lathe compared to other devices on the market is that it easily handles knotty, bent, or otherwise poor-quality raw timber. In addition, the lathe tools are not as susceptible to damage or blunting as other similar equipment.
  • The lathe units are equipped with diesel power units and are easy to transport. The power transmission is hydraulic and the drive units are electro-hydraulic.
  • The dosing feeders and conveyors can be jointly operated by a single user. The grooving machine also only requires a single operator.


Note. The device is really effective also as a chipper. In one hour you can handle the number of logs many times higher than the best sliding headstock lathes handle per day.

The equipment is available for hire or purchase. We also manufacture new equipment to order.