Stone Screening

MultaVEX Screening Buckets are your solution for stone screening

Stone screening becomes much easier, faster and more cost-efficient, when you use a screening bucket. MultaVEX Vibra Screening Bucket is a practical and cost-efficient tool for stone screening.


MultaVEX Screening Bucket can be used as normal excavator bucket for excavating. It is very durable and therefore suitable also for renting.

This screening bucket separates stones from fine-grained material by vibrating. It does not contain any rotating parts that get stuck easily. This makes the screening bucket very reliable to use. MultaVEX Vibra handles also very large stones.

MultaVEX Vibra is a superior tool for filling cable lines, building forest roads and many other uses, where stone screening is necessary. You can achieve significant savings by choosing screening bucket for these tasks.


Bolder S.A, Mozambique
Mining company, which operates in Mozambique, Africa.

With the help of MultaVEX Vibra 25-35S screening bucket they can separate fine material from stones before feeding the crushing station. This helps the crushing station to operate better.