Screening of demolition waste

Vibra screening bucket is an excellent aid with screening of demolition waste

MultaVEX Vibra screening bucket is an excellent and extremely effective tool for screening of demolition waste. It is also suitable for screening concrete waste containing steel bars without risk of jamming.

Additional screening accuracy can be achieved by installing screening grids on the bucket. From 60-100 tons of raw material, an average of 30-50 tons of 0-90 mm screened goods can be obtained when using 90 mm screening grids.


Mestaripurkajat Oy, Perho, Finland
A company specializing in the implementation of all-size demolition work, with its head office in Perho, but operates throughout Finland.

At a demolition site in the center of Seinäjoki, MultaVEX Vibra 15-25 screening bucket showed its effectiveness. Among the screened demolition waste, you could find almost anything in addition to concrete, including steel bars. However, this was not a problem and the screening went smoothly.

With a bucket equipped with 90 mm screening grids were screened an average of 70 to 100 tons per hour, of which the finished 0-90 mm material came about 35-50 tons per hour.